About Us

bub_scopeAfter four people in my family died of cancer, I was convinced that there was a better way to combat sickness and disease. Twelve years of research and positive results have confirmed my beliefs. My passion and purpose in life are to see you and your loved ones walk in divine health. Health isn’t everything, but without health, nothing else really matters!

Yours truly in health,
Bub Cronin


Bub Cronin, CEO and Founder of Rainforest Remedies, LLC, is an Herbalist specializing in Amazon rainforest herbs. Mr. Cronin and his staff have certifications in Live Cell and Dried Cell Morphology and have study in apitherapy, parasitology and enzyme therapy. Mr. Cronin is currently working in collaborative research with Dr. Cathleen Landers of Deland, FL, and Dr. Hal Furr of Salisbury, NC. Rainforest Remedies, LLC holds memberships in A4M (American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine) and AANC (American Association of Nutritional Consultants). Mr. Cronin has also taken courses through Michigan Institute of Natural Health (Dried Blood Cell Analysis), CNHP (Certified Nutritional Health Professionals), including face, tongue and nail analysis, a Chinese method.

Mr. Cronin is also a Nemenhah Medicine Man who live and practices the Sacred Sahaptan Healing Way of their Ancient Ancestors. He has been featured in a nationally-television segment of NBC News Channel 15 in Mobile, AL with medical reporter Sally Joe Hoover.