Herbal Products

Adrenal Factor
Stress, Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, Headaches, Weight Gain, Insomnia, Allergies, Salt Cravings, and Low Libido are signs of a weak adrenal system. These all natural eight ingredients support the adrenal glands and help restore adrenal functions…(100 veggie caps) For more info…

Bee Vibrant
Tired of Being Tired?
Bee Vibrant is the all natural muti vitamin, mineral, and amino acids supplement. The combination of Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen and Bee Propolis is the trinity of health and longevity. Beehive products are clearly the most extraordinary elixirs of nutrient power and therapeutic potential in all of the natural world. Caution: Bee products may cause allergic reactions in some people…(100 veggie caps) for more Info…

Ezekiel Factor copy
Ezekiel Factor
Ezekiel Factor is a synergistic blend of rainforest herbs that have anti-viral, anti-bacterial, & anti-inflammatory properties. These herbs have been used for generations by the indigenous people in the Amazon for a variety of viral, bacterial, and venomous conditions…
(100 veggie caps) for more info…
ParaFungal is a blend of Amazon herbs that specifically targets fungal and parasitic conditions such as, Candida & yeast infections, mold, fungal infestations, prostatitis, parasites, and malaria. ParaFungal also acts as an antiviral & anti-bacterial…(100 veggie caps) for more info…
Lose weight and increase energy!Perfect Balance Factor
Do you want to lose weight? Increase your energy? With Perfect Balance Factor, you can, plus reduce stress, improve focus and memory. And it includes all the vitamins and minerals you need every day, naturally. Perfect Balance Factor includes turmeric (boosts fat burning), curcumin, moringa, garcinia cambogia, forskolin and piperine. (100 veggie caps)
Psalms Factor copyPsalms Factor
Psalms Factor is a blend of six rainforest herbs that was designed to encourage and support healthy blood cell replication and normalize functions. Protects against MS, and flu viruses. Stimulates the immune system and is anti–leukemic . This product is a superb anti-viral and antibacterial agent…(100 veggie caps) for more info…
Regenerate R transparent
Regenerate R
Regenerate R works synergistically to nourish and regenerate joint and cartilage issues. Athletic injuries, accidents, and age related joint/cartilage issues have one thing in common…pain and disability. To restore function and permanently resolve the issue, the joints and cartilage must be regenerated. That is the intended function of Regenerate R.. (100 veggie caps) for more info…
Restoration B copy
Restoration B
Restoration B is a blend of seven herbal rainforest plants. Helps to restore, protect, and support brain cells. Helps with poor memory as well as skin disorders such as, psoriasis, eczema and other skin problems. Inhibits Alzheimer’s and dementia…(100 veggie caps) for more info…
Sea Cucumber Supreme
Scientists believe a key compound in Sea Cucumber called frondoside A activates our immune system’s natural killer cells to attack and eliminate abnormal cells. In vitro studies have shown that the saponins and fatty acids present in sea cucumber are responsible for its anti-angiogenic, anti-tumor, antiproliferative, and antiviral properties. One study shows that sea cucumber is beneficial in treating chronic gingivitis and gum disease.  Sea Cucumbers is very high in chondroitin sulfate, which helps with joint pain and arthritis. Sea Cucumber is the dominant ingredient in this product, and is assisted by the ingredients (anamu, curcumin, cat’s claw, graviola, grape seed extract, Brazilian peppertree) which synergistically work to protect, enhance, and support normal cellular activity.  Sea Cucumber Supreme is a powerful immune stimulator and is anti inflammatory…  (100 veggie caps)

Caution: Do not take if allergic to seafood, taking anticoagulants, or pregnant or nursing.

Sinus Allergies copySinus/Allergies
Sinus/Allergies is a super blend of seven rainforest plants & trees that fight a variety of upper respiratory problems, such as… sinusitis, allergies, COPD, bronchitis, asthma, and other breathing problems. Sinus/Allergies is an all natural product that naturally gets results…
(100 veggie caps) for more info…
Stone Buster WStone Buster
Stone Buster’s main ingredient, Chanca Piedra, is used by the tribes of the rainforest for eliminating and preventing kidney stones and gallstones. Therefore, the herb is referred to as the stone buster. The ability to reduce excess uric acid, & gout, as well as being an analgesic, a muscle relaxant, and anti-inflammatory makes this product a powerful pain reliever as well. (100 veggie caps) for more info…

Super Cardio

Super Cardio was created to regulate and support cardiovascular issues. These ten all natural ingredients are all related to heart health and improved cardio vascular function.
(100 veggie caps) for more info…


Bug Off

Protect Yourself Naturally…free yourself from harmful chemical bug sprays.

Bug Off was designed to repel all types of insects. Ticks just hate rose geranium, the dominant ingredient in this product. The other all natural ingredients assist the rose geranium to effectively repel mosquitoes, fleas, horseflies, sand flies (no-see-ums) and chiggers.  May also be used for your dog’s protection as well.  Bug Off is also very beneficial for the skin.
Caution:  do not use on cats

Ingredients:  rose geranium, cerdarwood, eucalyptus, lemongrass, lavender, witch hazel, and fractionated coconut oil



Oral Hygiene
DSC_1363 - Copy copy
(Only For Those Who Brush Their Teeth)
Oral Hygiene was designed to eliminate pathogens and bacteria in the mouth that cause gingivitis, periodontal disease, bad breath, and many other health issues… ½oz. (15ml) for more info…



Painless transparent backroundPainless

Pain-Less is an all natural topical analgesic that addresses various pain issues. Joint pain, muscle pain, back pain, neck pain, arthritis and rheumatism pain ect. can be helped with an application of Pain-Less. Temporary relief from nagging pains may allow for:

more restful sleep… better performance of daily functions…a cheerful attitude…participation in physical activities and a feeling of relief.
Pain-Less is a very effective topical pain reliever, but is not intended to eliminate the root cause of the pain. The root cause of pain may require a lifestyle change and/or physical therapy… ½oz. (15ml)

Thieves Factor

Thieves Factor W copy

is a blending of essential oils that were used in the ancient story of the Four Thieves. In the year 1413, to be exact, four thieves were accused of robbing people who were dead or dying from the bubonic plague in Europe. When put on trial, they were asked how they were able to be near infected people without contracting the deadly plague. Their answer was simple: a blend of herbs that they rubbed on their hands, ears and temples.

Since then, thieves oil has often been used to fight against a variety of airborne diseases. Today, the essential oil is a combination of several ingredients, including the original rosemary and cloves used by the thieves during the bubonic plague. The blend also contains cinnamon, lemon and eucalyptus. Together the ingredients create a very powerful essential oil that is used many ways to protect and combat various bacterial and viral diseases. Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Rosemary & Tea Tree. Do not use internally…

Thieves Factor Spray W

Thieves Factor Spray

Thieves Factor is now in a spray bottle. Sprayed on the hands and most anywhere on the body gives added protection from viral and bacterial infections. Thieves Factor Viral Spray is a combination of several ingredients, including the original rosemary and cloves used by the thieves during the bubonic plague. The blend also contains cinnamon, lemon and eucalyptus with a coconut oil carrier. Daily contact with bacterial and viral pathogens found on door knobs, shopping carts, rest room facilities, gasoline pumps, water fountains, as well as airborne pathogens increases the chance of disease and sickness. Spray Thieves Factor on the hands and most anywhere on the body for added protection from viral and bacterial pathogens. …Do not use internally… (4oz.)



Natural Deodorant
An All Natural Stick Deodorant That Works…

What goes on your skin can go into your bloodstream. Stop using toxic chemicals for body deodorant. This product only contains the finest natural ingredients that will last up to 24 hours… no aluminum, no parabens, no chemicals, no soy, no corn, no gluten or GMOS…

This all Natural Deodorant comes in three scents:
Heavenly…a very pleasant sweet aroma.
Woodsy…a clean, fresh outdoor aroma.
Thieves…a clean anti bacterial scent of the Thieves Oil.

Quality Control

Our product raw materials go through a series of stringent testing. A team of quality control technicians monitor production from raw materials to finished product. Each batch of raw herbal ingredients comes with a Certificate of Analysis (C of A), guaranteeing that the material is pure and void of any contaminants.

Money Back Guarantee

Rainforest Remedies offers a 100% money back guarantee on all products for 30 days from purchase date.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.