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Our all natural pet products are for Any type of pets and for many different needs. All our products have been formulated into a power to be easily hidden inside your pets food. CEO Bub Cronin has formulated all your pet products with Sea Cucumber, Green Lipped Mussel and Norwegian Kelp not only for the great health benefits but also due to your pets loving the taste. CBD isolate is another product in all your pets supplements. Did you know that CBD can target inflammation, nausea, anxiety, spasms, IBS, skin problems, pain, cancer, bacterial infections and many more. Does your pet have kidney stones, joint and muscle pain, anxiety or fungal problems? Do you want to improve your pets health with amazing daily superfoods? You're on the right page.

Stone Buster (for pets)


Rainforest Remedies "Stone Buster (for pets)" was formulated to help and help prevent kidney stones, gallstones and urinary tract infections in your pets. CEO Bub Cronin made this product in a powder form, easy to hide in your pets food and added a few ingredients that are appetizing to your pets taste buds.

Regenerate (for pets)


Rainforest Remedies "Regenerate (for pets)" was formulated to help and help prevent hip dysplasia, arthritis, joint and muscle pain in your pets.

Less Stress (for pets)


Does your pet have separation anxiety? Does your pet get anxious and nervous around fireworks, thunderstorms, new people etc...? Less Stress can help calm your pets during these times.


Superfood (for pets)


"Superfood (for pets)" is an amazing natural vitamin and mineral rich herbal blend that helps keep your pet happy, healthy and thriving.

Parafungal (for pets)


Rainforest Remedies "Parafungal (for pets)" targets fungal and parasitic problems such as candida & yeast infections, mold, fungal infestations, prostatitis and parasites.

Hot spot, Flea & Tick Spray


This great product helps with and helps prevent hot spots, fleas and ticks.